Sensors wrapup?

Robert L. Harris Robert.L.Harris at
Fri Nov 15 15:08:10 CET 2002

  I'm reading through the "old news" and current tickets concerning the
tyan 2466.  Using the difinitive sensors.conf from ticket 941 and the
default "modules options" I get this:

root at rharris-build1.acs:~# sensors
Adapter: SMBus AMD768 adapter at 80e0
Algorithm: Non-I2C SMBus adapter
VCore 1:   +1.69 V  (min =  +1.66 V, max =  +1.82 V)              
VCore 2:   +1.71 V  (min =  +1.66 V, max =  +1.82 V)              
+3.3V:     +3.34 V  (min =  +3.13 V, max =  +3.45 V)              
+12V:     +11.66 V  (min = +10.80 V, max = +13.20 V)              
-12V:     -12.70 V  (min = -13.21 V, max = -10.90 V)              
CPU1 Fan: 4856 RPM  (min = 3000 RPM, div = 2)                     
CPU2 Fan: 4821 RPM  (min = 3000 RPM, div = 2)                     
Ch Fan 4:    0 RPM  (min = 3000 RPM, div = 2)                     
VRM 1:       +47°C  (limit =  +60°C)                       sensor = 3904 transistor           
AGP:        +5.0°C  (limit =  +60°C, hysteresis =  +50°C) sensor = 3904 transistor   ALARM   
DDR:        +4.0°C  (limit =  +60°C, hysteresis =  +50°C) sensor = 3904 transistor           
vid2:     +1.750 V
alarms:   Chassis intrusion detection                      ALARM
          Sound alarm disabled

(I did disable the eeprom as it only gives me a list of how much ram is
in the system).

With this system I've seen people saying they're getting the actual
CPU temps, not just the motherboard temps.  

Can you give a 'wrapup' of what the current set of options for
/etc/modutils/local should be and or any force_subclients?  If you can't
post a "use XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" then a how to find the values would be
great.  I tried a number of different compinations that I dug up in
/proc/ and on the boards but nothing ever changed.  There doesn't seem
to be a difinitive "do this with modutils" or "use these
force_subclients" anywhere I can find just "you need to use

Thanks for all your work,

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