call for 2.6.6

Jean Delvare khali at
Mon Nov 18 20:40:47 CET 2002

> i2c-proc.[ch] were moved from lm_sensors to i2c in 2.6.0.
> This allowed other drivers (particularly non-sensors drivers)
> to easily use our /proc interface.
> One unfortunate consequence was increased dependencies on i2c.
> But I don't think we want to take i2c-proc back.

Not i2c-proc in its whole, only the incriminated macros.

Maybe a good solution to prevent us from breaking the dependencies for a
single macro would be to define it in both i2c (for the long term) and
lm_sensors (in some compatibility header file, for the short term, with
the appropriate #ifndef to prevent redundant declarations). The same
header file could serve the same puprose if the occasion arise again.

Anyway, I am simply suggesting this in case we *don't* want to break
dependencies. If we decide we don't care, all this makes little sense.
Personaly I don't care, I'll always have an up-to-date i2c ;)

> 2.1, 2.3, 2.5 were not considered unstable for us.

OK, so the debate is over for this part. Now it's between 2.6.6 and
2.7.0, and I am definitely not the one who can decide. I think we've
been discussing enough and it's time to make our mind and prepare for
the release.

Jean Delvare

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