strange i2cdetect output

Jean Delvare khali at
Sun Nov 24 19:20:46 CET 2002

> > I have come accross a very strange i2cdetect output. The machine is
> > a Sony Vaio GR114EK.
> (...)
> The adapter is broken or the bus is hung.
> Reboot. 
> Also, if an algo_bit adapter, rmmod i2c-algo-bit and then insmod
> i2c-algo-bit bit_test=1.
> Perhaps error handling in whatever adapter you are using could be
> improved.

I finally figured out why. The adapter driver user (i2c-philips-par) was
wrong, the system needs the i2c-i801 driver. As the i2c-philips-par
adapter isn't detectable, there's nothing to improve.

Jean Delvare

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