CVS messages out of mail archive

Andrew Pollock andrew at
Sat Nov 30 05:03:55 CET 2002

On Fri, Nov 29, 2002 at 05:58:51PM -0500, Mark D. Studebaker wrote:
> great. thanks alot for getting it going again, and for taking out the
> CVS messages.
> I think some folks saw a while ago that things were hosed but didn't
> know
> who to contact. I'm coping our mail list so everybody has your address.
> The archive - together with the form for a google search of the archive
> that we
> put up on our site a couple of months ago - definitely helps people help
> themselves,
> which cuts down on tickets, email, etc. that we have to answer.
> So we really appreciate having it.

Cool. Glad to be of assistance. One problem that is created when I go
removing messages and regenerating the whole archive, is the message
numbers change, and so the actual URLs of individual posts changes, which
is really going to bugger up out of date search engines, i.e., you search
for something, and Google says it's on page x, but after a regen, it's
actually on page y, you'll either get a 404 or a completely different post
than what you expected. I'd expect that the problem would resolve itself
as soon as the particular search engine reindexes the archive, but it's
something to bear in mind.

As I said, I'm trying to work towards the point where the archive gets
broken out by month, and has multiple pages etc, it's just a matter of
time on my behalf.


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