Compile problem when EISA support is removed from the .config file

Nicolas Boulay nicolas.boulay at
Thu Oct 10 10:36:01 CEST 2002

I have a asus SMP board, the a7m266-d. I run mandrake linux 8.2 with
kernel 2.4.18.

I had problem by compiling lm_sensors. They were some strange compiling
error some about isa bus. 

My motherboard does have any isa slot, so i had remove the support of
the isa inside the make menuconfig program but without installing a new

To solve the problem, i simply do a "make mrproper" inside the linux
source and run "make menuconfig" (leave default option like EISA
support) and then a "make dep". I don't know if "make dep" do really
something usefull. 

After doing a "make mrproper", the make of lm_sensors complain about the
miss of the /usr/src/linux/.config file.

So, from my point of view, lm_sensors make didn't like that the EISA
support is remove from the .config file.


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