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Sat Oct 12 11:41:01 CEST 2002

that is pretty correct, including the $17 register for the cpu (athlon only
I think, on pentium boards these values are way off)

mozart also appears to be from Attansic, see included image.

my problem appear to be that I get no smbus dump from it, could be my SiS
driver (looking into that now)...

Regards, Alex

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Hi Alex,

Alexander van Kaam wrote:

>it appears the Asus P4B533-VM has a so called "Mozart2" sensor chip,
>probably the follow up of the ASB100 (bach).
>just wondering if you heard anything about it, am trying to get info from
>asus contact but no luck so far
Do you have any info on the ASB100 chip that you can share?

I figured out some stuff about this chip and put it up here:
Apparently Asus uses the range of registers between 0x00 and 0x1F
(not really specified in the w83781d or lm78 datasheets).

Kind regards,

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