A bit of information on nForce chipset

Mark D. Studebaker mds at paradyne.com
Sat Oct 12 18:21:38 CEST 2002

together with the xbox team we have confirmed this and checked
the changes into CVS.
We now have SMBus/sensors running on the xbox!
thanks again.

"Yoshifumi R. Shimizu" wrote:
> Dear Developers of the lm_sensor project:
>       My name is Yoshifumi Shimizu.  I'm writing this mail because,
> first, I want to express sincere thanks for lm_sensor project, and
> second, I would like to provide a bit of information concerning
> the nForce chipset.
>      I am developing a motherboard monitor program for FreeBSD (it
> also runs on Linux box, though), named "xmbmon/mbmon", which is
> a userland program and not of device driver type.  In the very
> initial version I did not know about the lm_sensor project,
> but after certain version up, I am using the information abount
> the SMBus and the sensor chips directly from the code of your
> project.  In this sense I am very much indebted to you (Of course,
> I am make acknowledgements to your project in my program).  I
> apprecitate your activity very much.
>      Next, I looked into the newest verion lm_sensor-2.6.4, and
> found that the nForce chipset is supported in the amd756 code.
> But, I noticed that the SMBus base address is fixed as 0x5500.
> I have been working on the SMBus issue of the nForce chipset in
> the newest verion of my "xmbmon/mbmon", and I got information
> on how to get the SMBus base address from my collegue (FreeBSD
> freaks).  The nForce SMBus base address is obtained through
> the offset 0x14 in the PCI configuration registor, just as
> the offset 0x58 for the AMD756/766/768 chipset.  This friend
> of mine has Asus A7N266 motherboard, and in this way the
> SMBus base address can be obtained with the result being
> correctly 0x5500.  I'm not sure that this base address is
> always fixed as 0x5500, but if not, this offset 0x14 in the
> PCI configuration may be an useful information.
>      If you want to check in the code, please try to see
> the code of my programs, xmbmon version 2.00, which is now
> downloadable from my web page:
>    http://www.nt.phys.kyushu-u.ac.jp/shimizu/download/download.html
>     With best regards,             Yoshifumi R. Shimizu

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