via ch p vo-vn sorset

Mark Studebaker mds at
Sun Oct 13 00:42:30 CEST 2002

8233A 0x3147 supported in 2.6.5.
8233A 0x3177 supported in CVS.
use lspci -n to see which you have.

Jonas wrote:
> Hello!
> I noticed that you have support for the South Bridge Chipset: VIA(r)
> VT8233A Bus, but I did not find the 8233A sensor chip only the 8231A. 
> I dont know if it should work but it didnt for me. I have used
> lm_sensors befor (on my old computer with an other via-chipset) and it
> worked very well. I tried to force the via686a driver but that didnt
> help (with any port). Will there be a 8233A driver soon or ever?
> /Jonas Ådahl

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