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Travis Griggs tgriggs at
Mon Oct 21 19:29:08 CEST 2002

Sigh. I apologize for bugging who's ever at the other end of this. I 
have tried to do due diligence in reading and trying all kinds of stuff, 
and I think I know what the problem is I'm having, but I'm just green 
enough with this kind of low level stuff to not be for sure. I did 
follow the flowchart thing.

Anyway, I've got this 1U Intel board with a 1.7 P4 on it. To do burn in 
testing the hardware guys want to be able to do temperature sensing. 
They're all tickled that some app in XP can do it. And I just am not 
having any luck getting it to work under Linux on this machine.

I have Libranet 2.7 installed (kernel 2.4.19). I have the lm-sensors 
debian package installed. When I do a sensors-detect, it probes 
i2c-i801, but modprobe can't locate it. Where would I get this? Can I 
get it as a binary? Maybe I need to load the i2c-source package and look 
to compile it from there.

The Intel board rep sent us this info about the temperature controller:

"The Intel(R) S845WD1-E server board uses a Heceta 6 management 
controller to monitor thermal zones, fan speeds and voltages. The Heceta 
6 management controller is a separate controller mounted on the server 

I've looked all over the lm-sensors web site, but it is not clear to me 
whether there is support for the Heceta 6.

Any help/hints/tips/suggestions would be very much appreciated. TIA.

Travis Griggs
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