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Byounggwon gbg at
Thu Oct 24 14:17:14 CEST 2002

Dear ...

Your lm_sensors program is very helpful to me.
It is a very good.

I have one question.
I have Gigabyte M/B, and there is Winbond W83627HF chipset.
I loaded w83781d module, and it operates well.
That module reports 9 voltages(in[0-8]), 3 fan speeds(fan[1-3]),
3 temperatures(temp[1-3]), and etc.

I want to know which value is linked with which device.
The guess is easy for a fan. When I cease a fan, the fan?'s value
will be reported 0. But it is difficult for a temperature,
and more difficult for a voltage.

Please tell me which value is connected with which pin of W83627HF.
Or tell me how can I find the pin.


Byounggwon(gbg at
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