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Philip Edelbrock phil at
Mon Oct 28 17:59:57 CET 2002

Ouch! Yeah, I thought I had adiquate filtering for bounced mails, but I 
guess not.  I added some more.  Good idea on the size limit, too, I'll 
add it.  Funny, I think the whole thing was triggered by a friend's 
computer which he installed a new Linux install on Friday night.  I had 
my email account on it be a test member of the sensors list a long time 
ago.  Things starting bouncing when he brought his new install up, and 
other receivers' mail daemons got in the act.  A mysterious spam was 
also hammering the list over and over at the same time, which was odd... 
 Anyways, thanks to Mark who tracked me down and left me a couple 
voicemails urging me to find out what was going on.


Jean Delvare wrote:

>Hi everyone. I hope everybody's OK by now and that the incidents of
>yesterday won't have too many consequences.
>Phil, is it OK? I hope that your employer won't cause trouble because of
>what happened.
>I think that my theory of a loop caused by a mailbox quota exceeded is
>right. I don't intend to blame anyone, this could happen, period. But
>now we have to protect ourselves against the problem:
>Two suggestions:
>1* Discard messages from Mail Administrator etc.
>2* Filter messages with size > say 50k. I checked all the legitimate
>mails received on the list for the past 4 months and except two at
>around 100k, they are all below 30k. Messages over the size limit should
>be subject to manual acceptance.
>Now I hope we'll be able to work on the project again. I have been
>working on it these days and have some questions.

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