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Tue Apr 15 00:44:33 CEST 2003

Jeffrey J. Kosowsky wrote:
> Mark M. Hoffman wrote at about 14:30:18 -0400 on Sunday, April 13, 2003:
>  > * Jeffrey J. Kosowsky <jeff.kosowsky at> [2003-03-28 12:24:59 -0500]:
>  > The ASB100 chip (unlike others supported by w83781d module) requires a
>  > working I2C bus driver.  The w83781d module will not even detect your ASB100
>  > without it.  (Ticket answerers please keep this in mind.)
>  > 
>  > Asus website says you have "Intel® 82801DA ICH4" chipset.  I'm not sure
>  > if release 2.7.0 supports this.  Anyone else know?
> Any way to find out whether it is supported before I sink too much
> more time in spinning my wheels? :)

A quick look at the 2.7.0 code suggests that it doesn't (yet) but that 
support should be easy to add.  The driver that would support this chip 
is i2c-i801 and there is a list of PCI ID's that are supported.  The PCI 
ID for your chip needs to be added.

To complicate matters, your kernel header pci_ids.h may not have the 
chip listed either.

So take a cue from the definitions already in that file and do this:

#define PCI_DEVICE_ID_INTEL_82801DA_SMBUS   0x[lspci ID here]

Then use that macro in the code that follows, adding it where you find 
the 82801DB...

>  > >  > When I run sensors-detect I get that all probes fail including the one for the 
>  > >  > 28381d driver. e.g.,
>  > >  >   Probing for %G$,3u=(B%@Winbond W83781D%G$,3u=(B%@
>  > >  >     Trying address 0x0290... Failed!
>  > >  >   Probing for %G$,3u=(B%@Winbond W83782D%G$,3u=(B%@
>  > >  >     Trying address 0x0290... Failed!
>  > 
>  > Right, the above are ISA probes, not I2C.
> Shouldn't sensors-detect also probe the I2C bus? I may be
> misunderstanding the documentation, but how else do you test if I2C
> stuff is working? (In any case, my setup didn't detect anything either way)

Sensors-detect can't probe the i2c bus if it doesn't have a driver for 
the bus.  That would be a result of the problem above...

>  > >  > I am using a stock unpatched 2.4.20 kernel under RH8.0.(i2c support is compiled 
>  > >  > in as a module). I also tried separately making and installing the drivers from 
>  > >  > the i2c-2.7.0 package without any success.
>  > >  >
>  > >  > I am using lm_sensors-2.6.5-3 which I installed as an RPM that I got off of 
>  > >  >
>  > 
>  > Make sure that you completely remove the sensors RPM before you try to 
>  > install one from source.  If that breaks dependencies... ignore them
>  > (you'll be replacing what's needed anyway).  
> I built new rpms for i2c-2.7.0 and lm_sensors-2.7.0. I then did a
> clean install of the RPMs (Note I am running under RH8.0/Linux 2.4.20
> with I2C compiled as a module). Is there anything else I should be
> doing here?
> Is there any way I can be helpful in pushing support forward for the
> ASB100 chip? I am not a device-driver programmer but I can help alpha
> or beta test :)

Get the i2c-i801 driver working on your chipset, then we can help you 
work on the ASB100...


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