IBM Thinkpad issue

Jean Delvare delvare at
Tue Apr 15 16:54:35 CEST 2003

> I think you should mention that the issue persists in lmsensors-2.7,
> the readme only ever talks of 2.6.5.

Our docs say "2.6.5 and later releases", which means... well, just what
it says.

> Maybe incorporate the hint about ACPI as well?


> Also I would refer to the README.thinkpad in the FAQ, which was the
> first place I searched.


> > How could you write to me at this address whereas the webpage
> > mentioned above specifies another one?
> I am not sure anymore, I think I picked it out of the source
> distribution's file. Sorry if I picked up a wrong email adress by
> mistake, it was not intentional.

Actually, I'd like to know. Not that I am offended or whatever, but I
grep'd the whole sources, and google'd the website, no reference to this
address could be found. So I really wonder...

> Unfortunately the ACPI implementation of the Thinkpads is broken as
> well, but maybe it will work at a later time. I have to try a
> development kernel.

Broken EEPROMS, broken ACPI implementations... And I though IBM was
builing the best, yet expensive, laptops on Earth.

Jean Delvare

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