I2C CMP on Embedded Planet SBC

Eitan Rabin rabin at mellanox.co.il
Wed Apr 23 18:52:34 CEST 2003


I have problems using the CPM I2C controller on my cllf cards. 

I installed the latest devel kernel (2.4.21-rc1) and enabled the relocation
I2C patch.

The problem happens whenever I give a start transmition command i2c_i2com |=
0x80. When ever this is written the machine just freezes.

I have a bit banging code already working as a fall back, but because I need
to generate a lot of I2C long transactions and I would like to use the CMP.

Any assistance will be more than welcomed.

Thanks in advance.


PS: I hope this message is plain text. I can't convince outlook to attach
its html garbage.
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