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Fri Aug 1 10:39:56 CEST 2003

I am thankful for Alexander Amalysh and Mark M. Hoffman.
This is the second reply of ticket #1350.
I could solve the problem.
But now, sensors-detect(cvs version) says syntax error.

# sensors-detect
syntax error at /usr/local/sbin/sensors-detect line 2604, near ")
Execution of /usr/local/sbin/sensors-detect aborted due to compilation errors.

> OK folks, we have Alexander Amalysh and Mark M. Hoffman working on the
> problem. There's a preliminary fix that has been commited to CVS, feel
> free to give it a try. It will possibly raise other problems, and as
> such is probably not the definitive fix.
> We'll let you know as soon as a new fix is available.
> -- 
> Jean Delvare

M9841 <m9841 at>

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