ne1619 (really solved)

Ondrej Cecak ondrej.cecak at
Fri Aug 1 18:10:30 CEST 2003

Dne čt 31. července 2003 08:42 jste napsal(a):
> OK, that was just to check the script was running. You will see that
> most of it is only crap because the script decodes DIMMs, not RIMMS, and
> the eeproms are different on those. Maybe we'll write another script
> someday, but actually I doubt it (since it's not very interesting IMHO).
> OK, I think we can say lm_sensors now fully supports your system :) Only
> the oops remain. If you can provide the ksymoops output of one, send it
> to us (start a new thread please) and we'll see what we can do.

That oops were something strange, I can't reproduce it now  again :-(

Thanks a lot for support and great work. 

Ondrej Cecak

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