gnome-settings-daemon restartet to often

Zeno Davatz zdavatz at
Mon Aug 4 08:14:11 CEST 2003

Hi Jean 

I done depmod -a but that did not help. 

I note the following problems on my Debian PPC:
 -the panel does not start up. In the beginning I get 'Gnome settings daemon 
has been restartet to often' - 'will try to restart at next reboot...'
 -When I hit the reply button on my sylpheed-claws my sylpheed-claws crashes 
telling me that it does not find the german language file:
Unhandled Error: /usr/lib/aspell//de-only.rws: The language "de" is not 
known. This is probably becuase the file "/usr/local/share/aspell/de.dat" 
can not be opened for reading.
in fact: all that is installed. 

I am no trying to install a newer kernel version, lets see if that helps or 

Any hints regarding my 'Gnome settings daemon'? 


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