nforce2 i2c module compilation

Jason Longland killers_soul at
Wed Aug 6 10:50:36 CEST 2003

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cool... ok...

> 1* Did you compile and install i2c-2.8.0 before trying to compile
> lm_sensors? Did it produce any error or warning?

yes i certainly did in all cases, in one case where i had been using
2.4.21-ck3 i patched the kernel and set it up as modules that way just to
try when running sensors-detect although i know that it doesn't patch the
nforce2 i2c module in that way although i did find that alan cox included it
in his 2.6.0-test1-ac3 patch, shame no one else does for 2.4 or any other

> 2* Is /lib/modules/2.4.20-19.9/build pointing to a real directory, with
> sources that match your running kernel? Does this dir have a .config
> file that also match your current config?

by default with recent rh kernels it seems /lib/modules/<insert version
here...>/build is actually a real directory, no symlinks involved,
containing all the necessary headers and configuration bits and pieces to
compile the 3rd party modules (or whatever the case may be)

at the moment though my kernel version is 2.4.21-something-or-ther... as i'm
using severn, or trying to...

> 3* Is /usr/include/asm a real directory or a symlink? To what?

yes /usr/include/asm IS a real directory, again no symlinks containing i
assume are the include headers for building asm related programs

> 4* What if you disable the i2c-nforce2 module (edit
> kernel/busses/ Does the compilation fail on next module, or
> goes on?

no idea at the moment as i'm in windblows but will let you know when i give
it a shot shortly


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