failed again; vetctor 300

Zeno Davatz zdavatz at
Wed Aug 6 11:39:01 CEST 2003

Hi Jean 

I tried to install lm-sensors 2.8.0 again ( I got my computer back and 
running on KDE). 

While running sensors-detect it hung at checking for IS0... 

No I get the same error message again during start up as I got last time 
when we had to delete something from /usr/src/linux/.... 

I can't remember anymore what you told me exactly to do. Can you resent me 
that mail please. 

My error again is:
vector 300 at pc = e238c288, lr = e238f080
msr = 9032, sp = d8667cf0 [d8667c40]
dar = 24, dsisr = 40000000
current = d8666000, pid = 879, comm = modprobe

Then everything hangs while startup. 

Thanks for yor feedback. 


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