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Philippe Wautelet p.wautelet at fractalzone.be
Wed Aug 6 20:15:56 CEST 2003

Jean Delvare wrote:

>And, if you have another OS on the machine, do you have any hardware
>monitoring working there?
No, I have only linux on this machine.

>00:02.1 being the SMBus device, I suspect all these is related.
>Obviously, your BIOS manufacturer did not allocate an IRQ for the device
>if ACPI isn't used, and did not allocate an adequate I/O space, if I
>followed your discussion with Mark M. Hoffman correctly. I suspect they
>just don't want you to use the device yet. As you say in your other
>mail, a newer BIOS may help someday.
>Maybe you should contact Packard-Bell and ask them about it?
Yes, I think I'll do it. Maybe that it could be interesting to also 
contact Mitac because apparently this is a Mitac 8640 hidden under the 
Packard-Bell name! If I get some feedback, I will send you the results.

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