who is this ?

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thanks Jean

I also noticed that, but since the voltages are controlled via the INI file
I just go with the minumum voltage input and will add them if I ever
encouter a board that uses it (beside the combo MSI board)

Regards, Alex

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> btw, if you update the detection to also check for 65 as version
> number you support the EMC6D102, I have not found any diffrences
> myself in the sheets.

Two things I found in our lm85 drivers:

1* It seems that the EMC6D10x has 3 more voltage inputs than the LM85.
We have the following specific defines for the EMC6D10x:
#define EMC6D100_REG_SFR  0x7c
#define EMC6D100_REG_ALARM3  0x7d
#define EMC6D100_REG_CONF  0x7f
#define EMC6D100_REG_INT_EN  0x80
/* IN5, IN6 and IN7 */
#define EMC6D100_REG_IN(nr)  (0x70 + ((nr)-5))
#define EMC6D100_REG_IN_MIN(nr) (0x73 + ((nr)-5) * 2)
#define EMC6D100_REG_IN_MAX(nr) (0x74 + ((nr)-5) * 2)

We don't use _SFR, _CONF nor _INT_EN in our code as far as I could see.

2* Interesting comment: "Unfortunately, we can't tell a '100 from a '101
from the registers. Since a '101 is a '100 in a package with fewer pins
and therefore no 3.3V, 1.5V or 1.8V inputs, perhaps if those inputs read
0, then it's a '101."

Well, I guess you'd have find all that in the datasheet anyway, but now
you know how we do handle these chips.

Jean Delvare

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