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I rechecked my code cos you got my confused :)

4C:A3, 4D:5C, 4E:50 or 4E:51 = W83L784R
4C:A3, 4D:5C, 4E:60 = W83L785R
4C:A3, 4D:5C, 4E:70 = W83L785TR
4C:A3, 4D:5C, 4E:70 = W83L785TS

the TR and the TS have the same ID's, same goes for the W83791D & W83791SD,
same ID's

Regards, Alex

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> I don't have a datasheet for the W83L785TR. I could find one for the
> W83L785R, and fortunately it has a different ID (50h instead of 70h).

I correct that, there's an error in the datasheet: the ID id 60h (50h is
for the W83L784R).

Jean Delvare

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