i2c & lm_sensors for RH

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Mon Aug 11 11:27:24 CEST 2003

> I have uploaded
> o latest RH kernel with i2c/lm_sensors 2.8.0 patched in
> o lm_sensors 2.8.0 userland
> o bttv with i2c 2.8.0 patches
> o ivtv with i2c 2.8.0 patches
> o saa7134 with i2c 2.8.0 patches
> for the current three RH releases (9, 8.0 and 7.3)
> at http://atrpms.physik.fu-berlin.de/

I linked to it from our news page and our download page.

> Many thanks for all the help!!! I hope those rpms will be helpful to
> the lm_sensors community!

Well, many thanks to you :)

> There is another i2c application that break with the i2c changes:
> lirc. At least the current CVS code bails out. Could you provide a
> patch for the CVS bits (non-CVS is far to old)? :)

I am currently unable to check the CVS tree out, due to a stale read
lock it seems. I'll try again later and let you know when a patch is

Jean Delvare

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