New LM83 driver

Jean Delvare khali at
Tue Aug 12 20:05:45 CEST 2003

> I had a quick look at the documentation before and it seemed like two 
> of the D? input pins were wired together.

This is something possible (documented in the LM83 datasheet, makes it
possible to set multiple HIGH setpoints for a single measurement).

> But that doesn't make sense 
> since no two temperatures are always the same.

Exactly, this is obviously not the case here.

> I think one went to the south bridge. And maybe I have a north bridge 
> as well!
> I'll have a closer look at the docs tomorrow.

No doubt you have a South bridge, all recent computers do have one

Now that we have a driver working, an interesting test could be to
monitor these unknown temperatures and see if a given action (listening
to music, watching a video, heavy network traffic...) has a significant
impact on each of them. This would help us discover which chips the
temperatures belong to. BTW, do that only if you have some spare time,
this is more my curiousity speaking here. We don't really need to know

> The brand is SBS and the model is called P014. 

Never heard about that brand. The website seems to be:
But I can't see any product called "P014" there, and Goggl'ing it didn't
help either.

Would you have a possibility to compile and run dmidecode on the


Jean Delvare

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