New LM83 driver

Magnus Forsström magnus.f at
Tue Aug 12 20:42:32 CEST 2003

Thanks Jean I grabbed your CVS snapshot and compiled it. Worked fine!
# prog/sensors/sensors -A lm83-i2c-0-19
temp1:       +36°C  (limit = +100°C, critical = +120°C)   
temp2:       +35°C  (limit = +100°C, critical = +120°C)   
temp3:       +42°C  (limit = +100°C, critical = +120°C)   
temp4:       +44°C  (limit = +100°C, critical = +120°C)   

Here is the output from dmidecode:
# dmidecode   
# dmidecode 1.8
BIOS32 Service Directory present.
        Calling Interface Address: 0x000F0010
PCI Interrupt Routing 1.0 present.
        Table Size: 288 bytes
        Router ID: 00:0f.0
        Exclusive IRQs: None
        Compatible Router: 1166:0201
PNP 1.0 present.
        Event Notification: Not Supported
        Real Mode Code Address: F000:4932
        Real Mode Data Address: F000:0000
        Protected Mode Code Address: 0x000F495A
        Protected Mode Data Address: 0x000F0000

/Magnus Forsström

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