[BK PATCH] i2c driver fixes for 2.6.0-test2

Greg KH greg at kroah.com
Thu Aug 14 23:14:02 CEST 2003

On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 01:13:47AM -0400, Mark M. Hoffman wrote:
> This is a resend of a patch to the i2c-nforce2.c I2C bus driver.
> The start of the relevant thread was here:
> http://archives.andrew.net.au/lm-sensors/msg03820.html
> [comment]
> This patch restores a line that was wrongly removed.  There are also some
> trivial cleanups.  It applies & compiles vs. 2.6.0-test3.  It's untested
> (no hardware here).
> [/comment]

Oops, sorry I forgot this one.  I've now applied it and will send it on
later to Linus.

greg k-h

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