AS99127F module not detecting fan speeds

Stian Jordet liste at
Thu Aug 21 00:19:15 CEST 2003

ons, 20.08.2003 kl. 23.57 skrev Mark M. Hoffman:
> * Stian Jordet <liste at> [2003-08-19 23:56:55 +0200]:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'm very well aware of what you say on your homepage:
> > 
> > If you have problems, please lobby Asus to release a datasheet.
> > Unfortunately several others have without success.
> > Please do not send mail to us asking for better as99127f support.
> > 
> > but I'm not sure if this is just me doing something stupid (which I
> > hope), or lack of a feature in the driver. If the latter, I'm sorry for
> > disturbing. This is with kernel 2.6, but I had the same issues the last
> > time I tried 2.4 (which is a very long time ago.)
> > 
> > Any hints? Except for buying some hardware which is not Asus...
> > 
> I see you already got some help on LKML... but this is a FAQ:
> > 4.1.1 Fans sometimes/always read 0!!
> > 
> > You may not have a three-wire fan, which is required.
> > 
> > You may need to increase the 'fan divisor'. See doc/fan-divisors in our
> > package for further information. 

I saw it when I knew what to look for. Sorry for the noise. Just want to
let you know that everything works perfect on a Asus CUV266-DLS. Have to
use the third alternative for computing cpu-temps. (compute temp2
(@*60/43)+25,(@-25)*43/60) Might perhaps add that in the example config,
if anyone cares.

When I run three burnP6 on Linux I get almost exactly the same
measurements as when I do the same on Windows. So everything looks just
perfect :)

Again, sorry for the noise. By the way, gkrellm reads right from sysfs,
without the need for updated lm-sensors user-space tools. (But I guess
you knew that).

Thanks for your help and great work!

Best regards,

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