[PATCH] i2c driver changes 2.6.0-test3

Mark D. Studebaker mds at paradyne.com
Sat Aug 23 20:37:11 CEST 2003

agreed. it causes lots of problems, e.g. "I loaded your driver and my PC beeped like crazy and then shut down".

should we do this for 2.8.1?

Jean Delvare wrote:
>>Why don't we just make it policy that now and in the future we don't 
>>initialize the limits on the sensors?
> I think I agree. As long as it doesn't cause extra problems, I believe
> the drivers should be kept as simple and "neutral" as possible. If
> certain drivers really have to intialize limits for any reason, it's OK,
> but I don't object against the default policy being to not initialize.
> (Which doesn't mean I'll rush to remove initializations in "my"
> drivers".)
>>We don't know in what crazy way a motherboard manufacturer may have
>>wired or scaled the inputs and with the newer sensors, it's leading to
>>shutdowns and fan spinup behavior that is "less than optimal".
> In this precise case, the reason is not initializing, but initializing
> with awful values. That's different.

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