Ticket #1376

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sat Aug 23 21:23:03 CEST 2003

> I don't have applied the GRSEC patch to my kernel (I've downloaded
> the kernel source from kernel.org).
> I upgraded to 2.8.0 (after removing ALL 2.7.0 remains), but the error
> is still there.

OK, so the problem is still there :( I thought it was fixed.

Why do you have the adm1021 module loaded? Doesn't seem to be used. Has
sensors-detect been suggesting you should load it? Likewise, I don't
think i2c-viapro is used (unless you partly hid the output of sensors).
Does unloading all (i2c-related) modules and reload only the ones you
need solve your problem? (unlikely)

Could you try writing to the files by yourself? For example, move to
/proc/sys/dev/sensors/w83697hf-isa-0290 and do:
echo "50 60" > temp1
Then read back the values from temp1. Does it work?

In your original ticket, you wrote:
> cd /proc/sys/dev/sensors
> cat chips
256     w83697hf-isa-029

Is it really "w83697hf-isa-029" or is the trailing "0" missing in your
copy only?

I hope we'll find a solution.

Jean Delvare

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