Questions on LM Sensor

Jean Delvare khali at
Sat Aug 23 21:53:18 CEST 2003

>   I have been going through the source code of lm_sensor, on the
>   w83627 
> section particularly. From the source code flow, i managed to write
> some code snippets which read all the PC health monitoring values from
> the chip. However, I failed to inteprete some of those values.
>   Could you provide some guidelines on how to translate the "Voltage"
>   values 
> collected directly from the monitoring register into the readable
> format, i.e. those displayed on the CMOS setting.
>   Currently what i extracted from my program are as follows:
> +3.3 VIN         : 202
> +5 VIN            : 180
> +12 VIN          : 195
> fan 3 count      : 110
> Values seen from CMOS setting are as follows:
> V3P3             : 2.23 V
> V5P0              : 4.86 V
> V12P0            : 11.85 V
> CPU Fan Speed : 6136 RPM
> The question again is what is the formula which translates those
> "Voltage" values from the 1st group into those in the second? I
> managed to inteprete only the fan count into RPM, based on formula
> given on the WinBond specification.
> Any clue?

I don't understand what you are trying to do. We already have a driver
(well, two) for the W83627HF. Why don't you simply use them?

Anyway, the answer to your questions can be found in our source code and
in Winbond's datasheet, which you can get from their website.

Jean Delvare

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