Call for 2.8.1

Jean Delvare khali at
Sat Aug 23 22:40:15 CEST 2003

> I agree with releasing 2.8.1 soon.
> But why wait for 2.8.1 to submit a patch?
> I don't see anything in our changelog that looks critical.
> And I'd rather submit a patch based on a release
> that's seen several weeks' testing by users.
> So why not submit 2.8.0?

Because 2.8.0 has bugs that have been fixed in 2.4.22-rc2, among some
others. The bugs are fixed in CVS, of course.

The i2c CVS repository has no features added since 2.8.0, but it as a
few bugfixes, and some new IDs too. This is the reason why I believe
that submitting CVS (which at this point will have to be 2.8.1 for
convenience) instead of 2.8.0 is the right thing to do. The "not tested
by users" doesn't apply here IMHO because only few fixes have been made,
and they are under control AFAICS.

> p.s. If you want me to look at Makefile problems please point
> me to the two reports. thanks.

OK, here you are:

And I can't find the second one... :(
I hope it'll cross my path again someday.

Jean Delvare

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