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I started to manage serveral IBM xseries servers, some of them having
ServerWorks OSB4 chipset running Linux kernel 2.4.22, like this

SvrWks OSB4: IDE controller at PCI slot 00:0f.1
SvrWks OSB4: chipset revision 0
SvrWks OSB4: not 100% native mode: will probe irqs later

I have been using some time ago lm_sensors and it worked for me nice on
common PIIX and VIA chipset motherbords.

Now, i just compiled the 2.4.22 kernel and also following closely
instructions the i2c and lm_sensors. I guess that my problem is not
so to say 'unresolved symbols' but something else. Loading i2c-piix4
module it says that i got IBM Laptop etc

i2c-piix4.o version 2.8.0 (20030714)
Found ServerWorks OSB4 South Bridge device
dmi_scan.o version 2.8.0 (20030714)
dmi_scan.o: SM BIOS found
i2c-piix4.o: IBM Laptop detected; this module may corrupt
             your serial eeprom! Refusing to load module!

I must say that i am aware of the problem with IBM Thinkpads and i
believed that this problem ise espessially related to chips they use in
laptops. Also i read that for safety reasons are hardcoded into lm_sensors
to stop when it detects IBM as a system manufacturer from BIOS.

Could you please tell me is there some reasonable way to start using
lm_sensors v. 2.8.0 on IBM x323 servers? I couldnt yet find out whether
these servers really contain the problematic Atmel 24RF08 eeprom.

Best Regards,

Imre Oolberg

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