ASUS P4C800 Deluxe - W83627THF

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A few weeks ago I bought an ASUS P4C800 Deluxe mainboard. It has a
W83627THF chip.

Therefore I added the necessary details in the i2c-i801.c and w83781d.c.

Today I wanted to send you a diff but found out, that in the meantime a
new lm-sensors version is available. So my diff is not accurate now.

Additionally you seperated the W83627 chips in another file. Since there
are some incomplete parts regarding the W83627THF I'll send you my diff
anyway. Hopefully some of the lines can help you. They have been taken
agains a 2.7.0 version.

BTW: The W83627THF only has 6 voltage-sensors. The layout is as follows:
  in0 ... Vcore
  in1 ... +12V
  in2 ... -3,3V
  in3 ... +5V
  in7 ... V5SB
  in8 ... VBat

in2 and in8 can be displayed directly (3,3V). in7 and in3 have to be
multiplied by 1,68. in1 needs a factor of 3,8. For in0 I don't know the
factor. in4..in6 are not available.

Some info on fans:
  fan2 = CPU
  fan3 = Power Supply
It seems that CPU fan has a default divisor of 2. This is too less, when
the CPU is in idle mode. One has to set this value to 4.

Temperature Sensors:
  temp1 ... Mainboard
  temp2 ... CPU


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