LM90 compatibles

Mark D. Studebaker mds at paradyne.com
Sat Aug 30 20:54:26 CEST 2003

IIRC these chips were almost identical, if so, then they are equally likely
to be on boards. One way to get testers is to claim support :)
So I'd add support to both sensors-detect and the driver but up to you.

Jean Delvare wrote:
>>as we've noted on our new drivers page there are Maxim and Analog
>>Devices chips that appear to be compatible with the LM90. Do you plan
>>to add support for those to your lm90 driver?
> I plan to do so on request. I don't want to add support for chipsets
> that nobody has or that even don't exist on any computer motherboard,
> that's why I'm waiting for requests before adding support.
> Maybe I should change the new drivers page to reflect that?
> Also, I could add detection for these chips to sensors-detect (the same
> way we have detection for the LM82, LM86 and LM89 although we don't have
> driver support for those either). Do you want me do to so?

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