Ticket 1382 : Update

Romain Riviere mr-smoke at spinning-plates.eu.org
Sun Aug 31 11:05:36 CEST 2003

Hey Jean :)
Thanx for your quick replies, sorry mine aren't that quick :P

> I suspect that the Mandrake kernel *already* contains an i2c and/or
> lm_sensors patches that conflict with the more recent ones you were
> trying to use. The drivers/sensors/sensors.c file is gone from our
> distribution by now (as is sensors_init_all).

Ok. I was suspecting the Mandrake kernel... after a while, I've learnt
that their kernels have sometimes lost most of their "vanilla"

2 more questions :
- has anyone found a reliable way to read the via686a's output ? it's
offset by approx. 5°C here...
- I've been meaning to use rivatv together with i2c/lm-sensors, cuz I've
got a GeForce256 based card here. For some reason though, I can't
compile rivatv itself :

In file included from rivatv.h:9,
                 from i2c-riva.c:28:
rivatv-kcompat.h: In function `kcompat_i2c_client_get':
rivatv-kcompat.h:116: warning: implicit declaration of function
rivatv-kcompat.h: In function `kcompat_i2c_client_put':
rivatv-kcompat.h:126: warning: implicit declaration of function

i2c-riva.c: At top level:
i2c-riva.c:242: unknown field `inc_use' specified in initializer
i2c-riva.c:242: warning: initialization makes integer from pointer
without a cast

Any known fix for that one ?

Merci d'avance et @ bientôt !

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