2.4.22 kernel patches available

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sun Aug 31 17:27:30 CEST 2003

Hi all,

I just finished updating my installation guide to support the new 2.4.22

I noticed that new I2C drivers exist there: i2c-sibyte (plus
i2c-algo-sibyte) and i2c-max1617. Why they end up there without us even
hearing about it is a complete mystery to me. The max1617 driver is
crappy (polling + working only with the sibyte bus) and completely
useless since we already support that chip for years. The bus driver
probably should have been built into a single module. And none of these
modules will even compile since they use I2C IDs that are not defined.

My 2.4.22 patch simply wipe them out. I can't understand how they were
accepted into the main kernel tree. I couldn't find anything related to
them in the kernel changelog nor in LKML archives. I feel like we should
complain about that, but unfortunately I don't have time for that right
now. Greg, you have more contact with the kernel people than any of us
here, do you have any information we don't have?

I am taking a new (well...) job tomorrow. At last :) I'm more than
pleased, but you have to understand that this also means the end of my
active participation to the LM Sensors project. Don't worry, I won't
leave the project completely and within a few months I hope I'll have
some time left again to contribute. But I won't spend 6 hours a day on
it as it has been the case for the last few months. BTW, I'd like to
thank you all very much for that. I've learned much here, and it also
prevented me from falling into the laziness :)

See you later.

Jean Delvare

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