Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Wed Dec 3 07:35:31 CET 2003

> I disagree (about the "bad" part - it was a cut and paste for sure).
> adm1021 was at the limit for number of chips in SENSORS_INSMOD_x.


> Making a new driver is a prerequisite for having better detection
> in sensors-detect and recommending the correct driver,
> without the user having to edit sensors.conf.
> The new driver matches the xeon datasheet - exactly one sensor. Not
> two.

But we still need to add support to sensors-detect. Since I had been
adding extra checks to the MAX1617 (and LM84) detection, I'd expect Xeon
sensors not to be misdetected as these, so adding a basic check for
xeontemp (without the extra knowledge of the value stored in the "unused
regs") with confidence 2 should be sufficent for now.

Jean Delvare

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