Disabling chassis intrusion alarm?

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Thu Dec 4 23:03:16 CET 2003

> can I ask for a little help please?

Sure you can.

> I am trying to configure lm_sensors for a dual processor
> Supermicro motherboard.
> I'm using the Nagios plugin check_sensors,
> which very simply does a grep on the output of sensors,
> and returns an alarm sate if the string ALARM is present.
> On this motherboard, the chassis intrusion alarm is often set,
> and I'd rather not alarm on this.
> Is there a way of switching off this alarm in sensors.conf please?

In the w83627hf-* section, add the line "ignore alarms", and that
should be OK.

I also suspect that you can reboot, enter the BIOS setup screen, say you
want to ignore the intrusion alarm, and be done that way.

Jean Delvare

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