Ticket #1495 - Errata

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Wed Dec 24 17:45:46 CET 2003

> 	Really, really sorry for disturbing you.
> 	I started a ticket today:
> 1495 	2003-12-21 08:36:26-08 	lm_sensors-2.8.2 Linux 2.6.0 
> cgfreita at netsite dot com.br 	LM adm1025 support 
> Unconfirmed/Unexamined 	unsorted
> 	Well, I made a terrible mistake. My last sentence:
> "By the way, using modules from lm_sensors-2.6.5 sensors work. Just
> FANs sensor never worked." is incomplete.
> 	 I forgot to say "using kernel 2.4.23".
> 	I was stupid. I know. Sorry.

OMG this is soooooo **horrible** ;)

> I didn't find a way to edit the ticket and I decided to not
> create another one just to say this. Have I made the right
> choice?

Sure you did :) I edited the ticket for you so you don't have to be
ashamed anymore.

That said, I answered the ticket and the only solution is to wait until
someone takes some time to port the missing drivers. I plan to port the
adm1025 driver someday, but I have many other tasks on my list with
higher priorities at the moment.

Jean Delvare

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