Hidden and disabled SMBus SiS0016, please enable

Xuan Baldauf xuan--sensors--2003.12.20 at baldauf.org
Tue Dec 30 23:49:25 CET 2003

Mark M. Hoffman wrote:

>But, what about this kernel oops under 2.4?  Whatever the state of the
>hardware, this shouldn't happen.  Could you give more details about that?
>I2C and lm_sensors versions, how you built them, anything else special...
>And of course a copy of the oops message itself.
Sorry, it was my fault. I digged into this and found that lm-sensors 
modules had different assumptions about some "struct"s than i2c-core. 
The reason was that I did not use i2c-2.8.0 but i2c provided from kernel 
2.4. After using the correct i2c version, the oops disappeared.


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