Sensor chip - Asus ASM58 Mozart-2

Mark M. Hoffman mhoffman at
Tue Feb 4 01:58:25 CET 2003

* David Lauzon <wildz at> [2003-01-30 09:30:06 -0500]:

> We're working on a 180 nodes Cluster and we trying to monitor the cpu
> temperature on these PC. This project is our prototype for the Mammouth
> Project starting this summer : a 1024 nodes cluster.

Hmmm, have you purchased 1k machines yet?  Maybe such a large
sale entitles you to some support (i.e. datasheets) from Asus?

> LM Sensors does not support the Mozart-2 chip, but I found Mbmon,
> another program which support it. So with the help of the author, we
> manage to get his program working on the 144 first motherboards. But
> Mmbon doesn't support the sis961 chipset and his author does not have
> time to implement such support. So I would like to know if you're
> planning on making a driver for the Mozart-2 chip (i know it says «not
> planned» on your website, but i'm just asking... )

>From what I can tell, xmbmon has BSD-ish license.  I'm willing
to work on porting the Mozart-2 over to the sensors project.
Standard disclaimers (esp. no warranty) apply.

> Or you know any other way to get the cpu heat, fan speed,etc
> informations. I imagine if the BIOS can show us this information, he
> must keep it somewhere in memory.. is there a way to read it via a BIOS

Almost certainly not.  BIOS probably reads the hardware while
displaying it to you, but not otherwise.


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