Documentation Bug (Re: Ticket #1126)

Jason Bucata jbucata at
Sun Feb 9 09:47:11 CET 2003

This is regarding ticket #1126.

The suggestion to turn on CONFIG_I2C_ALGOBIT worked; thanks.  So it
appears to be a documentation bug instead of a code/config file bug.

It makes sense to have to turn something on like that before you can see
the option, but IMHO it's very important to tell the users that they
need to!

None of the following sources of information say anything about having
to enable bit-banging devices when compiling the kernel to use this

Maybe that should be stated directly on the Supported Chips and Drivers
page, but I think ideally it should go on the per-driver doc page, and
have the Supported Chips and Drivers page hyperlink to those, so that we
know there's more info available.  (I didn't even know about the
driver-specific pages until just now.)

Jason B.

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