APM and beep_enable

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Tue Feb 11 08:59:05 CET 2003

> > normally (at least after booting the machine) sensors reports for
> > the point "beep_enable" the value "Sound alarm disabled". but when
> > the machine wakes up after a suspension (generated by "apm -s",
> > which do a suspend to ram and switch off all fans as it is
> > configured by me through the bios-setup) i get a permanent beeping.
> > now sensors reports "Sound alarm enabled" for "beep_enable". my
> > question is: how can i permanently switch"beep_enable" to "Sound
> > alarm disabled"?

> If APM is changing the sensor settings than you can't permanently do
> anything without changing APM.

BTW, is there a way to enable or disable this beeping using sensors? I
just took a look at the documentation and couldn't find anything related
to it.

Jean Delvare

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