LM78 and Solaris

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Thu Feb 13 14:16:17 CET 2003

Hello everybody,

I'm still in the process of updating our useful addresses document.
Almost done, actually.

There's one link, "Solaris drivers for the LM78", I don't know what to
do with. It points to:
And this obviously requires to have a Yahoo! account, but I don't have
one. First, it makes it impossible for me to verify wether the link
works or not. Then, it opens the question of wether we should accept
such links on our page.

I've searched the web for other pages related to Solaris and the LM78,
but couldn't find any.

I see two possibilities.
1* We keep the link. Someone (not me) verifies wether it works. We add
some explanation such as "Yahoo! account required" below the link.
2* We drop the link.

I'm in favor of the second, but I'd like to hear any opinion about this
before actually deleting the link.

Jean Delvare

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