LM85 - To Mark D. Studebaker

Margit Schubert-While margitsw at t-online.de
Thu Feb 13 18:18:51 CET 2003

 > Have you looked at doc/developers/new-drivers?
 > I would like the /proc names to be standard.
 > If you plan on continuing to work on it, I can do the initial checkin
 > and you can request CVS access, or send me patches...
 > Or if you are making changes soon I can wait.
 > Which would you prefer?

	Mark - Yep, I used these names so that my grey cells didn't get
	confused looking at the proc entries :-)
	I know that they have to be changed :-)

	I'm still looking at what we can get out of all these registers.
	Give me another week to get this in some sort of shape.
	There are a couple of things that Intel seem to have changed :-(

	Can you E-Mail your E-address to margitsw at t-online.de
	and, as soon as I have something that's compatible, I'll
	send it. I'd prefer to get the driver to 90% complete before we shove it
	into CVS.

	Two things :
	1)  Can you reserve an I2C device Id (and E me)
	2)  Do I have to dig through the sensors and related
	     progs myself or can somebody take that over ?

	sensors-detect just needs the trivial change from
		driver => "Unwritten: lm85",
		driver => "lm85",

	Should have mentioned in my original mail that I'm using 2.7.0



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