Documentation Bug (Re: Ticket #1126)

Mark D. Studebaker mds at
Mon Feb 17 02:45:31 CET 2003

good suggestions, thanks, I'll try and add some of them to our docs.

Jason Bucata wrote:
> This is regarding ticket #1126.
> The suggestion to turn on CONFIG_I2C_ALGOBIT worked; thanks.  So it
> appears to be a documentation bug instead of a code/config file bug.
> It makes sense to have to turn something on like that before you can see
> the option, but IMHO it's very important to tell the users that they
> need to!
> None of the following sources of information say anything about having
> to enable bit-banging devices when compiling the kernel to use this
> driver:
> 	sensors-detect
> Maybe that should be stated directly on the Supported Chips and Drivers
> page, but I think ideally it should go on the per-driver doc page, and
> have the Supported Chips and Drivers page hyperlink to those, so that we
> know there's more info available.  (I didn't even know about the
> driver-specific pages until just now.)
> Jason B.

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