sensors.conf hint

Jean Delvare khali at
Wed Feb 19 22:53:06 CET 2003

> In the section as99127f-* I've read:
>     # does anyone know a board for which the following is correct?
>     #   compute temp2 (@*30/43)+25, (@-25)*43/30
> Well, with my board (ASUS A7V8X, chipset Via kt400, sensor chip
> ASB100) the row above gives correct values of CPU temperature. The
> default value(obtained using 'compute temp2 @*2.0, @/2.0') is wrong,
> 20C higher than real values.
> I'm using lmsensors 2.7.0 and i2c 2.7.0 (w83781d, i2c-viapro) with
> kernel 2.4.20

Thanks a lot. This is actually the second time we have a report like
that. This formula was wrong for my motherboard, so I changed it. Now
I'll change the config file to list the motherboards that are known to
work with one or the other.

Jean Delvare

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