Specific configuration Epox EP8k5a2+

Arno Wagner wagner at tik.ee.ethz.ch
Thu Feb 20 00:32:07 CET 2003


I hope I mailed this to the right address. My apologies
if I did not.

I got the driver to work and are now in the process of figuring
out some discrepancies. Seems Epox has wired some things 
differently. (+3.3V, -12V and -5V are affected, chip is a W83697HF.)

I did not find any database that lists specific info about
specific mainboards. Is there some place I can submit
my findings to, so others with this board can start with
an adjusted configuration?

Arno Wagner, Communication Systems Group, ETH Zuerich, wagner at tik.ee.ethz.ch
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