(update) Tyan Tiger i7501(S2723) and Tyan Thunder i7500 problems (bad temperatures and other measurements)

jon jcmcknny at uiuc.edu
Sat Feb 22 09:58:04 CET 2003


Ok, 20 seconds after I completed the email, after the email helped alot
by just going through everything, I went through the FAQ for the
billionth time and saw the thing about old libraries.  So I deleted the
old libraries in /usr/bin and now the /usr/local/bin/sensors works!
Well, at least runs.

My question remains about the measurements themselves.

Gotta remember that RH8 may have an install of what I want to install.
Sorry for that part of the message.


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> Subject: Tyan Tiger i7501(S2723) and Tyan Thunder i7500 problems (no
sensors found! and
> bad temperatures and other measurements)
> Hi!
> I have a cluster of computers used for computational physics.  I'd
> to monitor the CPU temperature to know if the AC room is functioning
> our computers don't die.  Seemed simple enough, but I'm having lots of
> problems.
> I'm a pretty experienced linux user, and have used lm_sensors in the
> past with no problem on other computers.
> See config.TXT for my specs/OS/etc.
> So, I go through the install:
> 1) untar sens and i2c tarballs
> 2) get into i2c dir and make ; make install ; depmod -a
> 3) get into sens dir and make ; make install ; depmod -a ;
> prog/mkdev/mkdev.sh
> 4) Then edit ld.so.conf to include /usr/local/lib
> 5) Run prog/detect/sensors-detect.
> 	a) On all machines it crashes on i2c-velleman (modprobe eats
> 99.9% cpu)
> 	(see sens_detect.TXT)
> 6) I  edit the modules.conf like detect says, edit rc.local as says,
> run the modprobes and sensors -s.  If I use the included sensors
> program, no sensors are found!  I happen to have an older sensors
> program lying around in /usr/bin from Redhat8.0 install, and it
> Well, mostly (see sensors.TXT).  It says it's version 2.6.3.
> If I use the original SMP kernel from RH8 then nothing different
> with the sensors output.  So I assume at least perhaps I can get temp1
> working, which is fine.  But why doesn't he NEW sensors program work?
> It doesn't work with the old modules either.
> 7) I ended up doing echo 2 > sensor1 in the proc list and got a more
> reasonable measure of Celcius(30C-31C), and it does seem to vary, so
> maybe it's working.  That one temp sensor at least is reasonably
> to the BIOS measurement.
> 8) So what's the problem?  The new lm_sensors fails to work, and it
> appears to be a sensors program problem
> I checked dmesg & /var/log/messages and all modules load without
> Lsmod shows (see lsmod-2.4.20.TXT).  See lsmod-2.4.18-14.TXT for the
> default RH8 SMP kernel lsmod.
> dmesg shows (see dmesg-2.4.20.TXT).  Redhat8 kernel it says more stuff
> (see dmesg for it).  From dmesg, seems alot more registering is
> occurring with 2.6.3.
> I2cdetect/i2cdump: (See files)
> I think I've included everything you ask for.  I hope it can be
> Until then I suppose I'll use the old sensors program! :(  What a
> temporary hack!  I found it by accidentally logging in as a user, then
> su - as root, and no /usr/local/bin in path, so it used /usr/bin.
> Anyways, help!!!!!!!!!!!
> Thanks!
> Jon
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