lm_sensors support for H8S/2148 chip by hitachi

Schott, Darcy Darcy.Schott at dresdner-bank.com
Wed Feb 26 12:30:15 CET 2003


I am currently involved in setting up a bundle of IBM x335 servers 
with RedHat 8. 

Since lm_sensors ships with RedHat 8 it would be nice to use this 
package to monitor the servers.

I found no reference to the intalled Hitachi H8S/2148 sensor chip on 
the lm_sensors website. 
The website regarding this chip can be found here:

Is there a possibility to configure lm_sensors to read from this chip
or is it unsupported? 

If it is not supported, are there plans to include support for this 
chip in a future release?

Thanks for your help and your outstanding work on lm_sensors.



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